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Strawdoll V-Tuber



About me

Full Name: Strawdoll
Birthday: 27th December
Species: Demon
Favourites: Fried chicken from the Overworld
Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Gaming, Cooking

Strawdoll is a Recruiter Demon who is in charge of identifying the most promising and profitable human souls.
She was Human, but she remembers nothing of her mortal life.
She is named after the only object she possessed when she awoke in the Underworld: a Wara Ningyo (Straw Doll).



Strawdoll is not a Pureblood Demon. A Mortal can’t become a Demon (Demons collect souls.) Strawdoll seems cursed by a Human ritual that transforms her into a Demon, transporting her to the Underworld.

Strawdoll can transform herself into a True Demon. This form is helpful for better surviving in the Underworld, but it’s also valuable for complete dangerous challenges.
A Demon can draw direct energy from souls to use True Form, and a Demon needs to know how to use this energy correctly.
The more the soul has lived full of emotions and feelings, the stronger the Demon becomes.
For this reason, Strawdoll harvests only the most powerful souls.
Strawdoll’s Skull has the function of a guide in the Underworld and adviser in the Overworld. It also keeps track of collected souls and their quality.


Our world, populated by Humans and mortal creatures.
It’s not very different from what we’re used to.
(The best fried chicken can be found here.)


The world of Demons, populated by mysterious and dangerous creatures.
The entire society of Demons is based on the energy provided by human souls.
Jokingly, the Demons call the place “Down Under”.



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